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Planet Payment, Inc.

Planet Payment, Inc.
  delivers innovative services in the field of electronic payments, and  is a provider of international payment and transaction processing and multi‑currency processing services. The Company provides its services to approximately 135 000 active merchant locations in 21 countries and territories across the Asia Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa and Europe, primarily through its acquiring banks (more than 70 banks) and processor customers, as well as through its own direct sales  force.

07.22.2016 by PrimeVisionGroup

Nevada Gold & Casinos Inc.

Nevada Gold & Casinos, Inc. was formed in 1977 and, since 1994, has been primarily a gaming company involved in financing, developing, owning and operating gaming properties and projects. Projects and property of the company are located in the United States of America, specifically in the states of Nevada, Washington and South Dakota.

06.22.2016 by PrimeVisionGroup

InfuSystem Holdings, Inc.

InfuSystem Holdings, Inc.
is a growing healthcare company that provides infusion pumps and related products and services for patients in the home, oncology clinics, ambulatory surgery centers, and other sites of care from five locations serving all 50 States and Canada. The Company sells, rents new and pre-owned pole mounted and ambulatory infusion pumps.

05.26.2016 by PrimeVisionGroup

MeetMe, Inc.


MeetMe, Inc. is a social network using location of the user for meeting new people on mobile platforms, including on iPhone, Android, iPad and other tablets, and the web.

Unlike well-known networks, such as: Facebook which has established itself as the social network for friends and  family, and LinkedIn as the social network of colleagues, business professionals, and establishment of business contacts, MeetMe is positioning  itself as the place of meeting new people for friendship and  long-term relationships, based on user’s geographic location.

The social network MeetMe assumes meeting new people who are nearby or in the neighborhood that also distinguishes it from various dating sites of lonely men and women. According to the company’s internal survey of users conducted in 2015, 89% of those responding said they preferred to start relationships as friends. Company believes this comfort level drives higher engagement and retention.

04.25.2016 by PrimeVisionGroup

MeetMe, Inc.

Social network.
The emphasis is on communication through mobile devices.

MeetMe  monetizes  through advertising, in-app purchases, and paid subscriptions.
MeetMe applications  are available on IPhone, IPAD and  Android with multi-language menu.

04.22.2016 by PrimeVisionGroup

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